Our team

Samudra is a system accelerator with a goal to reduce the negative impact of waste on climate, environment and health. We work with success-relevant stakeholders to facilitate internal changes and to enable powerful coordination between them.

The work is led by me, Karina Zile, a mathematician, a systems thinker and a global citizen. Professionals from success-relevant stakeholders perform crucial parts of this work, as do local experts in different countries and technical experts in engineering, chemistry, policy, finance and technologies. Hundreds of people are involved in many different capacities.

The title of this page is a bit of a misnomer - at Samudra we create teams to achieve specific objectives and dissolve them afterwards. In the future we might consider a model similar to Tech Zero, with professionals on secondment, but for now our teams are a fuzzy concept.

Maximilian Schirm is one of our external advisors.