Some of our projects

Collaboration with Ecopath

Lagos, Nigeria

Since July 2021

Ecopath is a for-purpose startup developing a circular economy for photocopier, printer and duplicator cartridges in Nigeria. Remanufacturing cartridges sounds like a simple idea, but until now it has not been done anywhere in West Africa. I am helping them with developing a business plan, with branding and fundraising.

Collaboration with ELMAR

England, UK

Since Mar 2021

Ecological Landfill Mining and Recycling (ELMAR) is a non-profit dedicated to tackling breached historic landfills in the UK that are leaching pollution into the environment. I am helping with identifying potential strategic partnerships and with researching technologies for landfill mining and recycling of different types of extracted waste.

Collaboration with Premier Enviro Solutions

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Feb-Aug 2021

Premier Enviro Solutions is a social enterprise with a mission to provide innovative, sustainable and affordable waste management solutions. I am helping them with projects related to processing plastic waste into building blocks, and safe disposal of medical waste.

Collaboration with LAWMA

Lagos, Nigeria

Jan-Jun 2021

Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) is developing a new waste management strategy for Lagos, a city of more than 22 million people. I am advising them on technologies, partnerships and funding mechanisms that could be appropriate for this city.

Collaboration with Pyro-degrade Energy

Nairobi, Kenya

Jan-Jun 2021

Pyro-degrade Energy is a for-purpose startup that developed a technology to produce pyro-diesel from plastic waste. Pyro-diesel is an environmentally friendly diesel substitute - it is almost sulphur free and has a low carbon footprint. I am helping them with fundraising for their first industrial scale plant.

Consulting for Gikoko Kogyo Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jan-Feb 2021

I helped with greenhouse gas emissions reduction calculations to evaluate a municipal solid waste infrastructure project involving multiple technologies. The proposed project included waste sorting and shredding machinery powered by in-house refuse-derived fuel, an anaerobic digestion system and other technologies.

Collaboration with Green Worms

Kerala, India

Dec 2020 - Jan 2021

Green Worms introduce waste collection services in small coastal towns in India. I was helping them with developing external communications strategy. My goals were to improve their engagement with stakeholders and to assist with initiating collaborations with organisations outside India.

Collaboration with Forbi Perise Eyong Nyosai

Buea, Cameroon

Sep-Dec 2020

Forbi's goal was to kickstart a PET bottle collection scheme in schools in Buea, Cameroon to both increase the plastic recycling rate in the country and to educate kids about waste related challenges. I helped Forbi with writing the project proposal, making a budget and with the application process.