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2021-07-29 · 40 Mt of PET
2021-06-25 · Plastic production (in theory)
2021-06-11 · Types of plastic
2021-06-11 · 100 Mt of PP
2021-06-11 · Plastics
2021-06-11 · Landfills and dumpsites
2021-06-03 · Plastic waste

The main ways of processing plastic waste include recycling it back into plastic, producing new materials, and producing plastic-derived liquid fuels. Keep reading >

2021-06-03 · Recycling plastic into plastic
2021-05-14 · Historic landfills in the UK
2021-05-14 · Landfill mining
2021-05-13 · Funding waste management projects

Here is an incomplete list of the different ways waste management projects can be funded. As we've just started working on this list, the entries appear in random order and many are still missing. The goal is to list as many existing funding mechanisms as possible, even if we don't endorse some of them. Keep reading >

2020-10-05 · Incineration
2020-10-04 · Thermal treatment of waste
2020-08-19 · Waste management challenges are urgent

Today 2.6 billion people that have no access to waste collection services faced a choice of what to do with their waste. Today 32,877 tonnes of plastic waste ended up in our oceans. The damage done in the past 24 hours will have long lasting effects. The good news is that this can be changed. If we postpone implementing the necessary changes to waste management systems around the globe, they will not become any easier to implement but the benefits of doing so will be diminished by the previously accumulated irreversible damage. That is why it is important to act now. Keep reading >